Senior Jumper Policy

1. All senior players will be required to purchase a club jumper

2. Jumper costs for 2020 will be $60

3. Jumpers will be replaced every two years

4. After two years players will be required to purchase new jumpers in odd years i.e 2023, 2025

5. Club will determine design and sponsorship on jumpers

6. Jumpers may be returned to the club after year 1 and players will receive $30.00

7. After year 2 jumpers will be replaced and old jumpers are the property of the player

8. If jumpers are lost, players will be required to replace them at costs

9. If jumpers are damaged, club will repair or replace them at clubs costs. If damage id deemed not to be football related, players will need to replace them

10. For players joining in year 2, they may purchase jumpers if available at reduced costs, $30

11. If jumpers are not available they will need to purchase jumpers at full cost

12. Jumpers must be paid for upfront unless a different plan is agreed to by club treasurer

13. The following is subject to timing, being jumpers must be order in January of the upcoming season

a. Players can choose a jumper size that fits.

b. Final numbering is determined by the club

c. Numbers can range from 1 to 60

d. Players will retain numbers from one order to the next to help members identity players

14. Under 19 players will not be required to pay for jumpers including under 19’s playing seniors

15. Under 19’s will be required to pay a $30 deposit that will be returned at year end

16. Under 19’s jumpers will be replaced as required as determined by the club

17. If a need arises that requires the club to replace jumpers off cycle, a decision will be made by the club executive on how this will be managed