Waverley Blues as a community based club adhere to a set of policies that cover all:

  • Players
  • Members
  • Parent of players
  • Non-members who are visitor to the club
  • Opposition players when relevant to an incident involving the club

These policies are overseen by the executive commit of the club and are reviewed on a yearly bases.  This aligns to the club constitution. Where a matter occurs that is not covered by a policy of the club or policies of supporting bodies the executive of the club will have power to act and make decision in relation to that matter.

In doing so it will align to the club vision and mission


To be a highly successful, best option-sporting club in our region, always operating under holistic community values, best practise principals toward all members, while developing our club facilities to ensure a strong social platform reinforces our community based operating ideals



As a community based sporting club, we strive to provide an environment for people in the community to play AFL football and netball in junior, youth and open age competitions. We aim to always give our best, strongly contest the ball drawing on our skill and courage, fairly, within the spirit of the game as a team/club collective. The club environment is designed to be a social hub for our community ensuring sustainable values and practises are at the forefront with our behaviour and conduct on and off the field.



The club policies are aligned to the following bodies and will apply policies’ and procedures of those bodies to Waverley Blues policies

We addition we are align to the following bodies and apply best practices from these organisations into our policies: